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Wood has been in use as a building material since time immemorial. It can be used in every aspect of a building, be it flooring, roofing or building walls. There have been many advances in wood science and the result is affordability and durability. Wood is used in buildings mainly because of its thermal, electrical and aesthetic properties.

Ancient Architecture offers quality wood materials to its clients who are looking for a home renovation or restoration. Sourced from centuries-old homes, these materials are sturdy and have the potential to make your home absolutely stunning. These wooden materials are available in various shades as well as finishing. Whether you want wood from traditional Oak, Birch, Maple or Elm, Ancient Architecture brilliantly caters to your every requirement. Some of the wood materials that we offer are as follows:

» Wood Floor Engineered and Solid

There are always overwhelming options available for flooring. Engineered hardwood flooring and solid hardwood flooring are some among these. The best thing about engineered wood is that it is less subjected to any change with change in temperature or humidity level like solid wood. Thus, it is more suitable for underneath heating system. However, both engineered and solid wood have an old-world charm that you will surely love to flaunt.
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» French Antique Reclaimed Beams

Our beams are reclaimed from French manors and estates which are no longer in use by anyone or being demolished. These are ideal for having a traditionally designed ceiling and are rustic in their appearance. With unmatched in terms of quality, our French Oak antique reclaimed beams are the best.
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We provide 100 percent reusable French oak beams. These are not rotten nor out of color range. Unlike, many of the US National Suppliers, every inch of a French reclaimed OAK is of premier quality. You would not need to sort them out and throw out on some deals which is a major problem for national supplier beams.

With Ancient Architecture, we would send to you images of each beam included in the container, along with the details of its length, height, etc. According to the materials available in our inventory, we would let you know the quantity needed to be loaded per container either 20 foot or 40 foot.

Therefore, to meet any of your structural building requirement or just flooring, contact Ancient Architecture.