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Cobble Stone

Would you like to bring a sophisticated look to your driveway? Then, try to choose cobble stone that is often found in the best-preserved highways. Whether you want to adjust your residential pathway or the public alleyway, Ancient Architecture has genuine cobble stone and the pavers.

Perhaps, you are thinking that the granite cobblestones are quite expensive. But, never be concerned about that because it will give its worth in the long run. So, do not go for some other paving option. The range of cobble stone pavers is not limited to granite but it includes limestone, porphyry, basalt and mesh and so on.

Do not get afraid if a heavy vehicle runs over the cobble stone driveway because they are recognized for their hardiness. The structures related to such stones are intended to last for the longest period. Besides you do not need to do high maintenance work for the stones that you buy for us. Thus, with the least cleaning efforts, you can remain stress-free all the time.

Concrete and cobble stones are not same

Never confuse concrete pavers with the cobble stones because they actually mimic the appearance of cobble stones but are created from concrete. On contrary to these stones, the concrete pavers may have the possibility to get cracked.

Create themes with different patterns

If you like to go with authentic stones, then there are some ways to generate patterns, for example, a labyrinth with various sizes or shapes and also diverse stone types. This sought-after stone can be of octagonal, rectangle or also of square shape. If you want to have a shape that is easier to fit, we recommend you the square ones. Moreover, the available patterns will amaze your eyes because it comprises running bond, herringbone, basket weave and circle fan and so on. By merging and mixing a variety of colors and patterns, it is possible to produce lots of theme. So, start renewing the landscape by changing the traditional materials used in the pavements.

All of our products are bagged with hand, packed and covered to make sure that you obtain your paving item in the new or original quality.