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The multi-level roofing lines created with red clay tops always offers a wonderful earthy and rustic look and generates an asymmetry. Though this red clay or Terracotta is used in traditional houses, it plays off the brick in the modern houses. At our well-known company Ancient Architecture, we cannot deny the heritage value of Terracotta. In country towns or in suburban roads, the conventional pitched roof along with distinct clay roof tiles is really pleasing to all.

Terracotta cools down the temperature

With the presence of extreme climate in many corners of this world, the roofing materials have to be hard-wearing. In the fierce summer heat, Terracotta roof tiles are quite slow to take up heat, and enable your roof top to breathe. So, keep your rooms cooler with only Terracotta tiles. You do not need to show too much concern about the color, because it will never fade away easily.

No risk of flammable substance

Do you reside in some bushfire-prone regions? Then, our roofing tiles made of Terracotta will guarantee you that you will get a completely non-combustible shade for your house. Call your builder, and install such tiles on your roof so that you can sleep at night with absolute peace.

You can get protection not only from fire but also from all the possible non toxic elements. Thus, no tension is there regarding the health issue. We have come to learn from the specialists that Terracotta roofing tiles are never treated with any dangerous chemical concentrations.

Some of our roof tile styles include-

Marseille – Create traditional fashion or a timeless appearance for your house with the standard French inspired clay roof tile. The all-embracing color palette accessible to you offers lots of choice while scheming with some other stuff for your home.

Nouveau – With its beautiful color palette, Nouveau may be schemed to suit to your individual preference. Its exceptional satin finish offers sturdiness with outstanding depth and concentration of color, which will not die away.

Portuguese – Such roofing tiles wonderfully reflect the distinctive outline as well as earthy tones.

So, give your house a streamlined, contemporary appearance with our roofing tiles.